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Weaver Innovations Launches E-commerce Store Redesign for Dapper Bear Clothiers

Posted by Esther Weaver on Tuesday 21, 2017

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of a new e-commerce store website for Dapper Bear Clothiers, based out of Waco, Texas.

As students at Baylor University, Eric and Jackson Wren were frustrated with the lack of sophisticated clothing options that subtly suggested Baylor. They channeled that frustration into a business school project, receiving exclusive license of the newly designed Official Baylor Plaid.

From a business school project to a thriving company, Dapper Bear has become Baylor’s premier clothing brand. Featuring everything you would need from silk scarves and bowties to T-shirts and dog collars, Dapper Bear provides you with sophisticated clothing options that subtly suggest your Baylor roots.

"Weaver Innovations hit every success point we were looking for: building an easy-to-use, great looking website; doing it quickly; and being extremely responsive throughout the process. I told them what we wanted, and they knocked it out of the park. I will 100% use Weaver Innovations for all websites and e-commerce stores in the future, and would point anyone their way." - Jackson Wren, Founder of Dapper Bear Clothiers

It has been an honor partnering with Dapper Bear Clothiers, and we are so excited to be a part of their growth. We wish them all the best as they continue to provide tasteful Baylor clothing choices for the Baylor family.

Dapper Bear Clothiers is a boutique clothing store and the sole licensee of The Official Baylor Plaid. For more information about Dapper Bear, visit the Dapper Bear website at:, look them up on Facebook at, or contact them at:

Sic 'Em Eric and Jackson!


Weaver Innovations, LLC is a website design and app development technology company. We are artists, book nerds, and animal lovers. Our goal is to provide high quality web services for local businesses at an affordable cost. To find out how we can help you grow, take a look around our website, look us up on Facebook at, or email us at:

Weaver Innovations Is Proud to Announce the  Launch of The Diewell Project Website

Posted by Joshua Weaver on March 6, 2017

Today, we are proud to announce the sponsorship of an exciting new non-profit organization based out of Waco, Texas called The Diewell Project.

Kay Tuel, a former Baylor Professor, and Eric Wren, the organization’s founders, describe The Diewell Project as, "a place to share stories of grief and show that life is valuable, worth living, and that even in the darkest times we can be carriers of hope."

After hearing of The Diewell Project, meeting with the founders, and listening to their powerful stories of loss and comfort in grief, we knew we had to help spread the word about this amazing organization–so we designed and built them a website, which launches today:

“The Diewell Project is excited to release our website today! We are so thankful for their belief in our vision. Their donation of time and skill to this project is invaluable. We plan to make a difference in the world by increasing empathy and compassion through these films. Now we are ready for others to join in helping us by sharing their stories!” - Kay Tuel, Founder of The Diewell project

The Diewell Project is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Dallas Foundation. To find out more about The Diewell Project, visit the website here, look them up on Facebook here, or email them at:


Weaver Innovations, LLC is a website design and app development technology company. We are artists, book nerds, and animal lovers. Our goal is to provide high quality web services for local businesses at an affordable cost. To find out how we can help you grow, take a look around our website, look us up on Facebook here, or email us at:



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